Agriculture:A deep view

Agriculture:A deep view  Photo

Agriculture is the bread source for any country. A lot of recent developments have been made in this sector recently.Few of them includes agricultural drones, using hydroponics technique and doing vertical farming instead of the traditional one.

Agricultural drones are the drones(Unmanned Ariel Vehicle - UAV) that are applied in the farming sector so as to increase the the agricultural and cultivation production.These drones also help in monitoring the crop growth and development.Only the healthy crops can provide good yield and will help in a more sustainable food chain. With the help of advanced sensory techniques and digital imaging farmers can get a view of their crop field with perfect clarity. This is one of the recent developments in the plant science.Hydroponics is a new type of hydroculture where the plants are grown without the soil as the basic medium. Here the plants are grown in the mineral nutrient solutions which acts as a solvent for the plants to grow. This is a revolutionizing and hydroponic technique in the area of plant science.This hydroponic development focuses on the areas where soil quality is not good enough for the crops to grow. Hence in such areas the crop yield will increase as crops and plants can be grown without the soil also.This hydroponic technique has still to go a long way and needs more research in the area of plant science.The terrestrial plants are grown with their roots floating in the mineral nutrient solution or roots getting a support on an inert medium like gravel or perlite. 

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