Medicinal Plants

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Medicinal Plants

In the current era people are inclined more towards the nature and tend to use more of the natural products. Medicines are no alien to the concept of natural products. A lot of researches and studies are been carried out by the researchers for the development of the medicines from plants. These herbal medicines are a great alternative to the already existing medicines. Globally Europe is more inclined towards this field of plant science. The world trade in Europe for medicinal plants is 45% making it a popular hotspot for the research and development in this field. A lot of plants are native of Europe only establishing the fact that there are lot of opportunities for the researchers and scholars to explore in this area of plant science.

If trends are to be followed then in Medicinal Plants Ayurveda is the most popular one i.e. 84% followed by Siddha 14%, Unani 2% and Homeopathy being the least i.e. 1%. The popularity of Ayurveda goes.Some of the plants are-Alpine cyclamen,Conifer Tuft Mushroom, Rue, Blackthorn,Yucca,Heartsease,Orange mullein.

  • Herbs
  • Discovery of drugs from natural products
  • Phytochemistry
  • Ayurveda

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