Molecular Farming

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Molecular farming is one of this molecular farming techniques which has emerged recently with the advent of molecular farming technology and techniques. This new breeding technique will help the farmers in increasing their crop yield in a more bigger scale. This will ultimately influence the food chain and will ensure an ecological balance.Being a molecular farming techniques it has open more wider gates for the plant science to get modernized and venture into a new field. It aims to use the plants for producing in large quantities a lot of pharmaceutical substances like vaccines and antibodies. Foreign genes are inserted in the transgenic plants so that they produce the desired recombinant medicines and vaccines.The agriculture done using this technique will generate more revenues.The genetic engineering of these should be done in a proper way to ensure its global safety in the worldwide market.

  • Transgenic plants
  • Recombinant vaccines
  • Recombinant medicines
  • Antibodies
  • Genetic Engineering

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