Plant Genetics, Breeding, and Biotechnology

Plants not only provide us with major food resource and flow of nutrition but are also an essential source of chemicals and other non-food products such as oils, latex, drugs, pigments, and resins. Physical appearance of plants is determined by the genetic factors being inherited from parental crops. Several genetic techniques including selection or genetic engineering are used to alter the natural transfer of genes. Most important goal of plant breeding is maintaining genetic diversity which is mainly achieved through selection and hybridization. Plant Biotechnology involves new techniques that meet the challenges including genomics, molecular-assisted selection, and transgenic crops (genetic engineering).  These biotechnologies allow researchers to detect and map genes, discover their functions, select for specific genes in genetic resources and breeding, and transfer genes for specific traits into plants where they are needed. Genetic structures and their mechanisms, methods for transgenic biotechnology and study of plant genome sequences are the major fields related to this session of the Plant Biology Conference.

  • Genetic structures and mechanisms
  • Methods for transgenic biotechnology
  • Identification of traits and genes
  • Plant genome sequences; molecular markers, and bioinformatics

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