Plant Taxonomy and Systematics

Plant Systematics involves the study of the different variations of plants and also investigation of the causes as well as the related consequences of this variation and thereby manipulation of the data obtained to produce a system of classification. Systematics can be broadly defined as an accumulated breadth of studies from cytology and genetics, phylogeny reconstruction, biogeography, taxonomy, anatomy, floristics, and monography. Taxonomy generally includes the discovery, description, naming and classification of species or groups of species and it is basically associated with a number of different terms such as alpha, classical, fundamental, orthodox, practical, traditional etc. The said session of Plant Science Conference will focus on plant anatomy, taxonomy, palaeobotany and phytogeography.

  • Plant anatomy
  • Taxonomy, systematics & plant classification
  • Methods of phylogenetic analysis
  • Chemotaxonomy and palaeobotany
  • Phytogeography

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