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Hong Zhang
Hong Zhang
Professor, Biological Sciences
Texas Tech University

Dr. Hong Zhang received his undergraduate education at Sichuan University of China in 1982, and then served as a junior faculty at Sichuan University for one year. In 1983, Dr. Zhang went to Michigan State University to study under the guidance of Dr. Chris Somerville in the MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory. After receiving his Ph.D. degree in 1989, Dr. Zhang went to Dr. Howard Goodman’s laboratory at Harvard Medical School for postdoctoral research. In 1995, Dr. Zhang established his laboratory at Texas Tech University, and has worked as assistant professor, associate professor, and full professor at Texas Tech University ever since. Dr. Zhang’s research interests are in plant molecular biology and plant biotechnology. He is particularly interested in using genetic engineering approach to improve crop yield and quality under drought, heat, and salt conditions. In addition, Dr. Zhang’s group also studies ABA signaling, functions of protein phosphatase 2A, and mechanisms of membrane protein biogenesis in plants.

Research Interest

Plant Cell Biology, Plant Molecular Biology

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