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Professor Mohammad Kamil
Professor Mohammad Kamil
Head TCAM Research, DHL&ME-Department of Health Abu Dhabi
Zayed Complex for Herbal Research DHL&ME-Department of Health Abu Dhabi ,UAE
United Arab Emirates

Professor Mohammad Kamil: Ph.D.; D.Sc. Chartered Chemist (London); Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry London, is Head TCAM Research, Zayed Complex for Herbal Research & Trad.Medicine, DHL&ME- DOH, Abu Dhabi, UAE .A recipient of Common Wealth Award-London; Convention Award of Chemical Society-India; Association of Common Wealth Universities -London; and Global award on Unani Medicine and various other prestigious honors & awards. Worked as in charge of Drug lab.MoH India, Professor at Jamia Hamdard University,. More than 350 papers and abstracts in reputed journals and international conferences are at his credit; chaired a no. of International Scientific sessions and presented invited talks as plenary and invited speaker at various International conferences / symposia. Associated with publication of many books; Author of a book besides five/six chapters in different books; Research work cited widely in books e.g. Advance in research, Chapman and Hall, London, New York;Melbourne; Studium Press,USA,UNIDO-Italy.

Research Interest

Agrano-environmental problems resource saving, is the supervisor of the eponymous educational, scientific and university-academic direction of the study performed in conjunction with a number of scientific research institute on problems of development, creation and implementation of automation systems, low-intensity and optimize irrigation in the conditions of insufficient natural moist areas Azerbaijan, in order to develop agriculture and mining study the possibility of creating environmental technologies to combat soil erosion.

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