Organizing Committee
OCM Member
Leader of the Research Group Palynology and Archaeobotany, Department of Botany
University of Innsbruck , Austria
Biography :

Klaus Oeggl (born 1955 in Innsbruck) is an Austrian botanist, and deals with palaeoecology and archaeobotany. His research interests are Palaeoecology of the Alps, Vegetation and climate history of central Europe, Development of the cultural landscape and the agrarian history, Archaeobotany, Palaeoethnobotany and Pollen morphology and ultra structure. In his work Oeggl pursues a multi- and interdisciplinary research approach with archaeological and scientific disciplines, because the genesis of cultural landscapes and the development of the recent vegetation cover is subject to multifactorial abiotic and biotic processes. His preferred applied methods are pollen analyses, plant macro-remain analysis and geochemistry providing the basis for hypothesis-tests and model-validation. He is known for his studies on the life-circumstances of the Neolithic Iceman „Ötzi“.

OCM Member
Principal Scientist/ Research Group Leader, Department of Health & Environment
Austrian Institute of Technology , Austria
Biography :

Dr. Claudia Jonak is a Principal Scientist/ Research Group Leader at Austrian Institute of Technology.Her research experience includes Stress biology - signal transduction towards the coordinated regulation of cellular metabolism and chromatin responses under stress. Genetic, biochemical, molecular and physiological adaptation strategies of plants to adverse environmental conditions

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