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OCM Member
Professor, Agriculture
University of Guelph , Canada
Biography :

Christopher R Bryant, Professor of University of Montreal & University of Guelph, Canada with 50 years of research experience in peri-urban agriculture (France, Canada and other countries) and 26 years research experience in adaptation of agriculture to climate change and variability as well as 30 years’ experience in community development. He was a Professor in Geography, the University of Waterloo for 20 years and Professor in Geography, University de Montreal for 24 years. He is also an Adjunct Professor in the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development at the University of Guelph, Canada.

Research Interest :

1. sustainable community development, rural development, land use planning, strategic management/planning of development, community participation; 2. the dynamics & planning of periurban agriculture, including pioneer work on adaptation behavior under stressful conditions; 3. the adaptation of human activities to climatic change. In all, I have received over 110 years of grants & research/consulting contracts from different Canadian & international agencies.

OCM Member
AgBiotech Scientist and Thought Leader, Plant Biology/Plant Pathology
Green Light Biosciences, Inc. , USA
Biography :

Balaji Vasudevan is currently Plant Pathology/Plant Biology Lead at GreenLight Biosciences, Inc located in RTP, NC, USA. He earned his Master of Science in Plant Biotechnology in Chennai, India in 1994, and his Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology from Madurai Kamaraj University, India in 2002, working with Prof. Karuppannan Veluthambi. In his thesis work, he developed transformation and regeneration system for black gram (urad bean, Vigna mungo), improved Agrobacterium- mediated transformation efficiency in rice and black gram by manipulating binary vectors with key Agrobacterium vir genes, cloned, sequenced, molecular characterized DNA B of a geminivirus Mung bean yellow mosaic virus-Vigna (MYMV-Vig), developed agroinfection based viral assays, identified and showed key viral gene targets for pathogen derived resistance to MYMV-Vig. His Ph.D. research was published in 5 international journals After completing his Ph.D., Vasudevan went on to do his post-doctoral studies at Tel-Aviv University in the lab of Guido Sessa on molecular dissection of plant-bacterial interactions with an aim to identify disease resistance genes. Vasudevan used tomato and Pseudomonas/Xanthomonas system for his research to address bacterial speck and leaf spot diseases. He also worked on notorious Gram-positive bacterium Clavibacter that causes bacterial wilt and canker in tomato. He used cutting edge technologies like microarray, SSH and VIGS for this research and was the first researcher to identify tomato genes that were differentially regulated under Clavibacter attack. Vasudevan published 5 papers in international journals Vasudevan returned to India in 2007 to accept a Senior Scientist/Group Lead position in Meta-helix Life Sciences Ltd., an agbiotech company located at Bangalore, India. He initiated and developed three projects for RNAi based resistance to geminiviruses in cotton, tomato and okra (CLCuV, TYLCV and OYVMV). After a brief 1 year stay at company, Vasudevan left for USA in 2008 for his second post-doctoral position at Cornell University, New York in lab of Dr. Christine Smart. His research focused on screening and identification of tomato/tobacco genes involved in disease resistance to tomato wilt and canker disease caused by Clavibacter. He was the first person to show that Clavibacter can infect N. benthamiana and cause symptoms as in host tomato. He generated transgenic tomato plants over-expressing two of lead genes that was identified from VIGS screen and showed resistance to Clavibacter-induced disease. He also collaborated with Prof. Thomas J. Burr on developing crown gall resistant GMO grapevines using Agrobacterium virE2 gene. He had 3 publications and one of his publication in Phytopathology was Editor’s pick for that issue. In 2010, Vasudevan left Cornell University to accept a Research Scientist position at Noble Research Institute, Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA in the lab of Dr. Kiran Mysore. His work focused on identification of plant/host genes involved In Agrobacterium T-DNA transfer/integration with focus on NHEJ DNA repair pathway genes. Vasudevan identified many key NHEJ and plant genes like VIP2 that were shown to increase transformation efficiency. He published 3 papers in international journals. In 2012, Vasudevan joined as Senior Scientist in a gene editing company Cibus at San Diego, CA, USA. His research focused on development of gene-edited potato resistant/tolerant to devastating late blight disease and to test the effect of allelic variation of target genes on plant defense hormone accumulation and disease resistance to bacteria in Arabidopsis and oomycete Phytophthora infestans in potato. Vasudevan generated transgenic and gene edited potato and Arabidopsis events and showed tolerance to late blight disease and bacterial disease. In 2014, Vasudevan moved to RTP, NC, USA and joined Edison Agrosciences. He was the scientific PI for NSF-SBIR grant with Prof. Stanton Gelvin at Purdue University. He worked on enhancing plant genetic transformation by Agrobacterium, development of an efficient transformation system for sunflower, developing and commercializing innovative solutions to produce plant-based industrial materials, with a primary focus on the development of alternative rubber crops (sunflower). In 2018, Vasudevan accepted Plant Pathology/Plant Biology Lead position at GreenLight Biosciences, Inc. His work focuses on development and application of dsRNA mediated exogenous/spray on RNAi to combat pathogens and pests in crop plants. Vasudevan has 16 refereed international publications in top plant science journals, editorial board member for 2 and invited reviewer for 8 reputed journals.

Research Interest :

His scientific areas of expertise and interests are Agrobacterium biology | Crop transformation | Genome Editing | Cell Biology | Plant tissue culture |Disease Diagnostics | Phytopathogen/Plant-Microbial Assay Development | Molecular plant-microbe interactions | Plant Pathology | Plant molecular biology |VIGS |RNAi (transgenic & exogenous spray on).

OCM Member
Head of Plants Biochemistry and Physiology Laboratory, Plants Biochemistry and Physiology
Russian Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Crops , Russia
Biography :

Belous O. is a Dr. Biol. Sci., professor, head of Plants Biochemistry and Physiology Laboratory of Russian Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Crops (Sochi, Russia). She researches concern is studying of physiology of mineral nutrition, water status of plants, physiology-and-biochemistry adaptation mechanisms to abiotic and biotic factors, accumulation of biological activity substances into plants. She has over 200 publications, and has been serving as an editorial board member of reputed Journals from Russian and other counters. She are head of sciences school of Institute: "Physiology of adaptability of subtropical, southern fruit and flower-and-decorative crops" and read courses of lectures for graduate students in the disciplines physiology of stress, physiology of mineral nutrition, water regime of plants, physiology of cells in vitro, physiology and biochemistry of plants.

Research Interest :

Her research interests related to the study of biochemistry and physiology of subtropical crops, the adaptive potential of subtropical fruit and flower-ornamental plants .

OCM Member
Author, Alternative Health Professional, Cannabis Education Consultant, Founder and CEO The Hepburns, Medicinal Cannabis
Hepburns , USA
Biography :

Alexandra Butler, Founder, Owner - Born and raised in Berkeley, California, Alexandra is a diligent cannabis activist and advocate for safe access to clean, quality cannabis as an effective harm reduction methodology. Educated at UCLA and NYU, she founded Hepburns in 2015 after working for years throughout the cannabis industry. She developed Hepburns products to meet the need for a superior smoking product and for a better cannabis company. She focuses on producing hash and rosin and on education and outreach.

Research Interest :

Seasoned and proven leadership and expert in product and brand development, communication and relationship management, cannabis product and policy, sourcing, sales and flow allocation, and sales, education, marketing and community policy development.

OCM Member
Researcher, Food Technology
Ataturk Central Horticultural Research Institute , Turkey
Biography :

Dr. Yasin Özdemir has been researcher from 2007 to present in the Department of Food Technologies, Ataturk Central Horticultural Research Institute Yalova/Turkey. He was also an auditor of 'Food Safety and Standards’ between 2004?2007 in the Yalova Agriculture Ministry Office. He has National Olive Oscar Award for his innovative olive technology research project at 2015 and 4 times worthy to be exhibition awards (2015/2016/2017) at International Food R&D Project Market. He has 3 registered patents on table olive and olive sausage processing. His R&D project on table olive processing in drier has been deemed worthy for 2 extension projects by the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry in 2016 and 2019 years. He has Environment Awards/Academician Special Award from Istanbul Chamber of Industry at 2018.

Research Interest :

His research program involves: table olive technology, new fruit and vegetable selectin works for final step of breeding project, ISO standards, new food technologies, olive oil, food safety, functional foods, eco-friendly food technology and probiotic foods.

OCM Member
Vice-Director, Agricultural sciences
ANAS Institute of Erosion and Irrigation , Azerbaijan
Biography :

Aliyev Zakir Husein oglu was born in 03/05/1949, in the family of an employee. In 1972 he graduated with honors from the Department of Mechanical Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. Po end of ASOA in 1972, in the face of a specialist with higher education being, a tendency to engage in research activities was taken in Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Institute (AzINMASh) for the position of Art . engineer in the department "wellhead", where he worked on 1975. Given their contribution to the development of the agro-industrial science as a result of many years of scientific activity, in 1997 he was elected a member of. correspondent, and in 1998 a full member (academician) of the International Academy of Ecology and Natural Resources. In 2001 he was elected a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation The water problems. In 2014 he was elected professor of RAE, established the medal A. Nobelya.V 2015, the year for his significant contribution to the development of world science awarded Order "PRIMUSINTERPARES", etc.

Research Interest :

Agricultural science, soil science, erosion research, irrigation land reclamation, hydrology, hydrography, reclamation, ecology, biology, environmental technology, Earth sciences, aerospace research, remote sensing and GIS

OCM Member
Chairman of the Board, Agribusiness
Asian Consortium of Farmers Producer Company Limited , India
Biography :

Dwarika Singh was born in a very poor family of a small village and seen how each one was struggling for survival and latter the unsupportive role of a government official. It has enabled me to fight for three things 1. reach the level where survival should never come into the picture. 2. rather entering into a Government job, enter into the private job and then start own business. 3. set ourselves as one of the examples that people can also come-up from a small village rather just from convent schools or big business schools. All the resource crunch, hurdles, ignorance, abuses, ditches added energy to me to fight and win and ultimately I won all. I am very much ethical, to the point professional with full of belongingness and knowingly never do anything wrong. I am font of living quality life rather lavish & luxurious one.

Research Interest :

I am basically a creative entrepreneur with techno-commercial and techno-management skill set ; Specialties: software development, project management, database & Network Administration, operation management, IT Infrastructure management etc

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